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Projects overview

A) Synthetic methods

Synthetic methods are developed purpose-driven, such as to enable key transformations in natural product synthesis or to diversify compound collections. We have a special interest in methods applicable to functionalized molecules and for accessing elementary scaffolds. Furthermore, biomimetic concepts are studied, especially for the transformation of oligomeric precursors.

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B) Synthesis of bioactive molecules and compound collections

research_project2We focus on structurally inspiring target molecules with a propensity to address regulatory interactions of proteins with cellular macromolecules and interesting or unknown modes-of-action. We currently pursue research into  syntheses of natural products, peptide alkaloids, synthetic peptide collections and chemical inducers of dimerization.

research_project3A far reaching goal is blending peptide architecture with the diversity of natural product structures. To achieve this, we investigate syntheses, non-natural modifications and properties of peptides, often guided by biomimetic considerations.


C) Functional tracking of bioactive modulator compounds

In order to uncover molecular structures with novel or improved activity profiles, biochemical testing is integrated in our research program. research_project4For mode of action studies, we use fluorescently labeled modulator compounds for assays and cell microscopy and covalent attachment reactions to biomole­cules. Moreover, new formats of engineered reactivity of modulator ligands with proteins are developed and explored.

For more details please refer to our publications.